Getting Started

Resources Available to Better Understand Integrative Medicine

University Hospitals Connor Integrative Health Network was established in early 2011 and is growing rapidly, expanding locations and adding new services. Included in this growth are the research, design and delivery of relevant program resources and classroom experiences. 

To better understand integrative medicine, our team has developed training and educational resources focused on the following goals:

  • Introduction to and enhanced awareness of integrative medicine modalities, therapies and techniques
  • Instruction about relevant and critical topics such as stress, moods and mindfulness and positive-mindedness that promote well-being and optimal health
  • Training of physicians, nurses and other clinical health care professionals to enhance their own well-being and effectively use integrative medicine to benefit themselves and their patients

Connor Reiki Masters Provide Beneficial Resources 

As part of a fully sanctioned medical specialty at University Hospitals, our integrative health network team provides beneficial resources to staff at UH. To date, Reiki Master instructors at UH Connor Integrative Health Network have provided over 3,000 Reiki treatments for UH staff, and trained over 350 UH staff members and physicians in Reiki. This integrative medicine therapy greatly reduces stress and improves mental and physical well-being.